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Property Tax


Decentralization and Computerization of entire Assessment, Billing and Collection of Property Tax for all 24 wards offices at MCGM through ABM’s Property Tax software solution

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) is largest local Government in Asian continent. It serves over 1.40 crore (14 MN) citizens with the help of approximately 1,20,000 staff deployed over 68 departments spread across 437 square kilometers span.


Property Tax Assessment and Collection Department (A & C) is one of its largest departments that contribute more than 25% of revenue to Municipal Corporation of Mumbai. The key functionalities of this department are Assessment of Properties, Billing and Collection. Approximately 2500 staff contributes towards fulfilling the activities of this department from 24 ward offices across Mumbai.


ABM had following challenges to bring reforms in A & C department, provide an IT solution, ‘Design, develop and implement the computer software’ for the Business Process Automization.


  • Business Process Re-engineering of 100 + years old work processes.
  • Design a software / IT Solution that helps MCGM to Plug the Revenue Leakages, improve Collections
  • Incorporating Government and Municipal laws in the software for transparent assessment of properties to reduce citizen complaints
  • Incomplete Requirement Specifications
  • Frequent Changes in the Process / Requirement
  • Real Time entry of transaction not done by users creating issues of data integrity and consistency.
  • Data migration from legacy systems, 100% Billing and Collections through software.
  • Software Integration with diverse applications of MCGM eg. SAP FICO, GIS, Payment Gateway
  • Change Management
  • User Training to ensure institutionalization


ABM Solution – PTIS Software:


Property Tax Information System (PTIS) software developed by ABM for Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) enables complete cycle of Assessment, Billing and Collection.


  • Covers all aspects of Assessment & Collection like Billing, Collection, Assessment, Special Notices, Objection Hearing and Settlement.
  • Works on the principles like Rule based Assessment, System driven Event Triggering to bring about objectivity and transparency in the overall functioning of Assessment Department of MCGM.
  • Supports various Assessment methods like Rateable value, Capital Value, Area based Systems.
  • Self Assessment of Property Tax by Owner / Occupier can be implemented.
  • Every time an assessment is done, Citizen is conveyed the full details - How the Tax is calculated for his/her Property i.e. basic parameters taken like Area (size), Usage, etc. and formula applied to calculate Tax (Through Special Notice). This substantially reduces chances of subsequent litigations and can in turn improve Revenue Collections.

  • Requirement Analysis, Business Process Re-Engineering, Design, Development, Implementation and Post Implementation Supports are carried out by M/S. ABM Knowledgeware Ltd., Mumbai.


Some Key Functions of PTIS Software:


Assessment : Inspection, TWR (TWR Preparation, Scrutiny and Approval), Special Notices

Complaints : Objection Registration, Scheduler, Objection Disposal

Billing : Single or Bulk Bill Generation (General Issue), Bill Amendment, Bill for New Assessment, Bills Blocking for Collection for Dispute Cases

Collection : Multiple Mode of Payments (eg. Cash, Checque, DD), Receipts of Payment Immediately upon Collection and live Database base updates, Payment thru Multiple Delivery Channels eg. Banks, Internet Cyber Café, Prepaid Cash Cards thru Internet, SMS based Payments, Bank Aggregators

Action on Recovery : Notice of Demand, Penalty

HO / MIS Reports : Drill down Reports from MCGM to Section wise Reports


  • PTIS is in use since April 2007. Software has facility to start usage with legacy data (Past Billing Data) and build detailed master data in parallel.
  • In Financial Year 2008-09 almost 6.24 Lac Bills generated through PTIS, covering about 3.77 Lac Properties and Revenue of Rs.3,700 Cr. Collection of almost Rs.2,300 Cr also done through PTIS.
  • On-line Payment facility started since Sept. 2007. Payment through Internet, Cyber Café, Bank Aggregators and SMS facilitate citizens for 24 x 7 x 365 mode of service availability.



Year 07-08

Year 08-09

Year 09-10 (1-4-09 to 31-01-10)

No. of Properties




No. of Bills/ Cases




Demand in Crores




Collection in Crores





Property tax



  • Overall, PTIS is designed to Help plug the Revenue Leakages, improve Revenue Collections as well as help Citizens.
  • Employees are saved clerical efforts and can focus more on Revenue Increase activities like inspection.
  • Middle and Top Administration gets drill-down reports for monitoring on real-time basis.



  • 100% Billing and Collections from Software to plug revenue leakages
  • Details of tax calculation conveyed to citizen reducing disputes/complaints


  • Bulk Bill Generation in a time bound manner
  • Notice of Demand and Penalty Generation and imposition in time


  •   Property Tax Payment on 24 X 7, from citizen preferred location
  •   Instant Receipt of Payment and updation of citizen ledger 
  •   Integration with multiple Delivery Channels eg. Banks, Internet iWays, Mobile based payments (SMS)


  •   Designed to integrate with other Municipal databases like Shop & Establishment, Development Plan, Building proposals, Water Department


  • Monitor processes for revenue generation supported by variety of reports
  • Middle and Top Administration gets drill-down reports for monitoring on real- time basis


IT Security:

  • New Login Id / Password requests are received only through authorized Approver.
  • Password is communicated via sms to the respective user.
  • System forces users to change the password in first login.
  • Passwords are stored in database in secured and encrypted manner.


PTIS works on Centralized Architecture and Java-Oracle Technologies. Runs from around 30 locations across Mumbai City covered under WAN for approximately 1200 users.


  • Linux Operating System for Servers.
  • Oracle 10g as RDBMS.
  • Oracle 10g as Application Server
  • Java/ J2EE (EJB, JSP, AJAX, Struts) for Aqua-Super application.
  • Jasper Reports for Reports development.


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