ABM MAINet ® Enterprise is an integrated suite of application products to manage the complete working of a typical municipality (Corporation or Council) of any size. It encompasses every department of a municipal corporation. It can be implemented state wide by the Urban department for all ULB's in the state or individually by a specific Urban Local Body.

ABM MAINet ® Designed & Developed completely on open source platform as per guidelines of DeitY. Click to Download

Designed & developed by ABM a leading E-Governance company with meticulous study of municipal councils and corporations, it incorporates the best practices to create a truly e-governed municipality.

The ABM MAINet ® has rich citizen interfaces to enable the corporation to deliver services Online using Web Portal, through service centers designated as ‘Citizen Facilitation Centers (CFCs)’ or even using Mobile App. In addition to the proven software, what we bring on table is immense experience of implementing state wide software in multiple states and a bundle of Best practices across country. Rich domain expertise and human resources who have 5-20 years of experience in municipality e-Governance domain is strength of ABM. We offer perfect combination of technical, implementation and support skills. Proven processes and adherence to strict discipline and best of the support and customer delight at all time.

Objectives of ABM MAINet ®

Citizen Empower the citizen by creating user friendly Citizen interfaces which provide…

  • Anytime Anywhere Service
  • Hassle-free interactions
  • Time bound service delivery
  • Transparency in operations of corporation Commissioner/Chief Officer Facilitate the Commissioner with…
  • MACRO view of the corporation, penetrating to micro view
  • Performance Indexes
  • Integrating the corporation Corporators / Urban Development Department Assist the Corporation for…
  • Effective & efficient administration
  • Better service to citizens
  • Better monitoring and control of revenues and expenses
  • Seamless flow of information
  • Performance monitors at individual level

ABM MAINet ® Highlights

  • Comprehensive ERP solution catering to all citizen centric, revenue centric and back-office services offered by Urban Local Body
  • Successfully tested by the STQC, the Quality Testing Arm of Ministry of IT, Govt. of India on request by Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), Government of India
  • Functionalities in compliance of MoUD, Government of India design document
  • Technical Features in compliance of MoICT, Government of India prescribed Standards like Data Structures, Web 2.0
  • UNICODE compliant, GIS enabled.
  • It has tight integration of back-end departmental workflow with front-end CFC- Multiple Service Delivery channels supported - Anytime Anywhere Services- CFC / Cyber CFCs, Mobile , Internet
  • Multiple Information delivery channels- SMS alerts, Email alerts, Internet – Web Portal
  • Multiple Payment options for citizens- Online payment via Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Direct Debit, NEFT, RTGS, Mobile based payments, CFC counter / Cyber CFCs
  • Usability- Support multiple browser, Support Responsive compatible with mobile, tabs. Laptop and different instruments, User preference - colour and font theme
  • Security- Encryption for sensitive data like password, amount, no. of copies etc., Cross site forgery check - CSRF, Cross site scripting check- XSS, Cross frame scripting check, SSL Compatible, Captcha integrated, Usage of Digital Signature for important outputs/ approvals/ certificates, Integration,There is real time integration between all the modules offered in MAINet, Integration with external software/ projects like CSC, NSDG, SSDG, ETAAL etc. easily possible.

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