What is the business outlook for company?

We have built e-Gov solutions with potential for replication across country. We have proved the replication potential in Maharashtra and now are in the process of scaling our business across India. Our software, for which we have got the Rs 60 Cr order from Maharashtra for providing e-Governance solution to 231 Municipal Bodies, is also short-listed by Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India for recommendation to other Municipal Bodies in other States which will be getting funds from Government of India under JNNRUM scheme. These are large projects and take some time due to procedure followed by Government of India for procurement. Implementation of our e-Governance applications require related hardware, platform software, networking etc. ABM has been working with such companies to explore the market in other States in India to increase the reach of our proven offerings. Such market exploration also requires increased marketing efforts from our side and we are in a continuous process of evaluating such opportunities strengthening our business development team. ABM has also developed products for the Middle East Market. But as per current plans, these products will not be pursued by ABM. All the solutions that are being implemented by ABM in India will have wide potential in Commonwealth Countries. ABM plans to tap this market, once scaling is achieved within India partially. ABM will need better infrastructure to operate from it's headquarter in Mumbai. Some of the company's accrued profits will be used to develop and consolidate the existing infrastructure in Mumbai. Indian companies like ABM with focus on e-Governance and with proven track record in certain niche area can grow well in years to come depending on success of their projects. As on August 2010, orders on hand are approximately Rs 100 Crore to be executed by March 2012.

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