How do you see the E-Governance space evolving, especially with the bigger IT companies now focusing on India? How is ABM going to bag new orders in the presence of bigger players?

ABM has strength in certain niche areas like Urban Local Bodies, Water Supplying authorities, Electricity Distribution Companies etc. There are very few companies in India who can match ABM's in-depth expertise in G2C and G2B areas of e-Governance. As per the research conducted by us in the year 2000, citizen needs somewhere around 300 Citizen Services from Central, State and Local Govts. ABM solutions can provide around 100 of these Services. The domain where we do not have our own solution we position reputed ERP. We have done projects with reputed ERP companies like SAP and are developing relationships with other reputed ERP companies. ABM has in-depth knowledge in not only the domains as mentioned above, where we operate but also has deep understanding about the strategies for institutionalization of IT in Government offices. It must be noted that the e-Governance market is extremely huge. Large companies will not pose any threat to growth of companies like ABM due to all these reasons mentioned above. On the contrary we have observed that large companies and emerging companies can compliment each other. Government of India has recently engaged with NASSCOM to figure out what are the different ways to see that SMEs will get adequate pie of the e-Government business. ABM is also invited by NASSCOM to contribute in this workshop.

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