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ABM MAINet ® Enterprise is an integrated suite of application products to manage the complete working of a typical municipality (Corporation or Council) of any size. It encompasses every department of a municipal corporation. It can be implemented state wide by the Urban department for all ULB's in the state or individually by a specific Urban Local Body.

ABM MAINet ® Designed & Developed completely on open source platform as per guidelines of DeitY. Click to Download

Designed & developed by ABM a leading E-Governance company with meticulous study of muni...

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What We Offer

What we offer

ABM MAINet ® has following modules which can be implemented selectively as well as in integrated manner.

1) Citizen centric modules:

  • Web Portal ,CFC & Dashboard, Birth and Death, Property Tax Water Supply and Billing, Food License, Market License, Rent & Lease, Advertising & Hoarding,Grievances and Redressal Town Planning / Building Permission

2) Back-office Modules:

  • Accrual Based Double Entry Accounting System , Audit Development Sector Scheme / Slum Management a...

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Benefits to the Corporation:

  • One step ahead by a Municipality in GOI’ s goal of Digital India.

  • More transparency in service applications and the issue of licenses / certificates.

  • More efficiency in day-to-day administration of the corporation.

  • Increase in productivity of the manpower due to assistance by the computer system in decision-making.

Benefits to the Citizens:

  • Hassle-free Interactions for Citizens. No more visits to different departments or different tables to avail a...

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